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Get a complete picture of all your apps at once by experiencing a new kind of app analytics.

  • High level overview of aggregated app analytics
  • Active alerts for high ad cost and low revenue
  • Quick connection - SDK free
  • Fill rate monitor



Optimal Overview

Slice ad revenue and cost metrics by geography, ad network, operating system, ad format, monetization channels and more. Get app data aggregation for controlling the bottom line.


Active Alerts

Get notified of spending spikes, when ad networks’ delivery is not aligned with expectancy and when advertiser traffic fluctuates.


Fill Rate Monitor

Track the fill rate for every price floor in your waterfall that is set up and compare to the optimal setting.

Better analytics for your ads translates into better monetization. The results speak for themselves. I'm super happy with SOOMLA.

Alexander Lebedev Applife


Why Executive Insights?

Many marketing managers are finding it difficult to keep track of their team’s performance. The acquisition teams are bringing in traffic from multiple channels to multiple apps while the monetization teams are trying to…well – monetize. The data is just growing on a daily basis and no manager has the time to dive into all of that app statistics granularly.

We all know that there are decent tools out there (App Annie, SensorTower, Libring, Appfigures and Liftoff for example) which provide all kinds of solutions to present app statistics.

So how is SOOMLA’s Executive Insights so different?
Simple – we focus on the manager rather than whoever is hands on.

Looking at aggregated data can be crucial for executive positions which don’t really need to have that drill down necessity which is usually used for hands on positions.

The idea was to create one dashboard which can aggregate performance data from all apps and give simple bottom line answers to questions about overall revenue from all channels, overall UA spend etc.

EI offers managers a one stop overview dashboard of all their teams’ aggregated app analytics.

The tool doesn’t take up more of your time, on the contrary - it saves it by combining and simplifying your view on the actual revenue flow from UA to monetization.

With the active alerts feature, you are able to recieve notifications whenever a performance threshold is reached (positive or negative). Imagine getting notified when your team is spending more than they are supposed to or if monetization performance suddenly drops. This will give you an early detection ability to monitor all app data coming in on a high level, so you are able to keep all teams on track for reaching the optimal ROI.

Executive Insights also enables you to keep track of the fill rate for every price floor in your waterfall. This way you can make sure that the monetization team are maximizing your in-app revenue generators and that there are no missed network commitments despite which mediation platform you are using. 

How about you try the Executive Insights free demo?