Thumbnail image showing a tablet with the first page of the ad ltv benchmarks report and the text: focused on hyper casual and ad funded games followed by the text breaking down ad ltv by traffic sources, device models, os and countries

Ad LTV Benchmarks Report

An output of a study into Ad LTV in mobile apps. The advertising revenue attributed to specific users over the first days after installing the apps is normally referred to as Ad LTV and is considered to be a key parameter for campaign optimization. 

The report identifies that Ad LTV for users who came from one traffic sources can be very different from the Ad LTV of users who came from another source and the same variance also exists between different device models. 

The report includes breakdown of Ad LTV by many dimensions including:

  • Ad LTV by country
  • Breakdown by traffic sources
  • Comparison of different device models
  • Drill down into operating system versions